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تسمه صنعتی دایکو DAYCO logoSince the establishment of the first power transmission belt production center by the DAYCO brand in 1970, this brand has been one of the pioneers in the production of industrial belts with excellent technical and engineering specifications for a wide range of machines. The use of the latest and most modern production technologies and flexibility in the performance of Daiko belts has made DAYCO an ideal choice for all kinds of light and heavy industries, especially for automobile industries.

The information base and materials and compounds used in the production of Daiko belts are always being updated and expanded in such a way that regardless of the usage, environmental or chemical restrictions, Daiko belts تسمه صنعتی are produced and marketed according to any conditions of use. Is. Daiko belts are produced using the latest technologies in the world of engineering, such as molded belts, EPDM compounds and aramid reinforcement, all of which increase the useful life and efficiency of Daiko products.

TEL : 09124633354
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