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تسمه صنعتی باندو ژاپن BANDO

BANDO belt

تسمه صنعتی باندو ژاپن BANDO logoWith the global expansion of industry and the mechanization of industries, the importance of using different types of belts to transfer power from one pole to another by power transmission belts تسمه انتقال نیرو, transfer products and raw materials from one point to another in factories by using conveyor belts and creating movement coordination It became stronger between the machine parts by using the timing belt. Bando started its activity in 1852 with the production of linen belts and was officially registered in Japan in 1879. Today, Bando Belt specializes in the production of power transmission belts and timing belts. The very high technology of this Japanese brand in the production of elastomers with high flexibility and mechanical capabilities has made BANDO belts, both conveyor and power transmission, in the highest quality category in the world.

TEL : 09124633354
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