تسمه صنعتی رول پارس

General purpose belt

Like other industrial parts that, in addition to specialized components, have products with general use, the universal belt actually refers to belts that can be widely used in industries. Universal belts are actually industrial belts with general use, which can be used in industries for power transmission, sometimes connected to conveyors, and are not limited to a specific industry. In industries, belts with a rectangular profile, flexible and produced from rubber and polymer compounds are often called universal belts.

The universal belt تسمه سراسری is equivalent to the industrial belt which is produced in the form of a coil and is cut in the desired length with the desired width. A special type of polyurethane PU belt is used under the name of universal belt, which is available in several layers in different colors, including blue, green and yellow, which can be supplied without a core or with cords and Internal meshes are used to increase tensile strength under applied stresses. In general, it should be said that the use of universal belts as power transmission belts تسمه انتقال نیرو is wider and they are responsible for general low tension applications.

4cm belt  PU

4cm belt
NBR transmission belt  PU

NBR transmission belt

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