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Open ended timing belt

Metric or open timing belts known as Metric timing belts or Open-end timing belts are used on pulleys or pulleys that are synchronous and have accurate movement timing. Metric timing belt design standards are similar to closed-loop timing belts in terms of accuracy in distances and steps, with the difference that they are supplied in an open coil to be cut according to the required length for special devices and by thermal method. Welded and connected. The metric timing belt transmits power from a pulley by the gears on the outer surface of the pulley and the inner surface of the timing belt تسمه تایمینگ with precise timing to a pulley or secondary rotating part.

The inner surface of the metric timing belt is covered with teeth. These grooves and teeth prevent the belt from slipping on the pulley. Each of these teeth has a trapezoidal cross section that is repeated along the timing belt in the form of protrusions and depressions, and the pitch length of the belt teeth, which is the distance between the center of one tooth and the center of another tooth, in the equations related to speed and transmission The power related to the connection of the metric and monetary timing belt is used. In addition to trapezoidal tooth surface ribs, curvilinear tooth ribs are also used in some cases in metric timing belt design تسمه تایمینگ متری.

Optibelt Alpha timing belt  PU

Optibelt Alpha timing belt
Megadyne linear open end belt  PU

Megadyne linear open end belt
Textile open end timing belt  PU

Textile open end timing belt

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