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تسمه صنعتی گیتس Gates logoUndoubtedly, Gates is one of the most well-known and reliable brands that produce all kinds of industrial filter devices in America. In order to improve the products and the lifespan of its production belts, the Gates brand has even been able to achieve improvements in the field of polymer production technology, so that with the help of polymer production technology, it can increase the thermal, chemical and tensile resistance of its production belts. . The Gates belt brand is always striving to be the best fluid power transmission belt تسمه صنعتی company in the world and provide products, services and solutions that bring endless possibilities to its customers.

The Gates belt brand with its headquarters in Colorado, USA and technical and engineering offices all over the world is a global brand whose products are connected to many heavy industrial agricultural, mining and road construction machines. In Asia, in China and Singapore, and in Europe, the headquarters of Gates Industrial Belt is located in Luxembourg.

TEL : 09124633354
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