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Marine belt

Propeller belts are visible in the engine connection of any type of car. Unlike combustion engine propellers that work to cool the engine with air, marine propellers, including motor boat propellers, play the role of the propeller in the connection. Therefore, the torque required to move these propellers is much higher due to the much higher resistance force of water compared to air. Chains are used in most propeller تسمه پروانه connections of marine engines instead of propeller belts, and sometimes this is even done by engaging several gears to provide the ability to transmit a higher amount of torque. However, propeller belts are used in various parts of ship engines, especially engine cooling propellers.

Ships and launches often use diesel engines as propulsion engines. Therefore, in the connections of these engines, timing belts are used to control the timing of smoke and air valves. Polyurethane timing belts are used in specific codes on Perkins, Cummins and Caterpillar diesel engines depending on the metric standard or the American standard they have. Reputable brands producing timing belts تسمه تایمینگ and metric timing belts, such as Optibelt, Germany, is one of the leaders in the production of timing belts connecting ships, anchors and marine structures.

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