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Mining belt

Power transmission belts are considered to be the most widely used type of industrial belts, which are also used on mining machines. All kinds of power transmission flat belts and V-belt power transmission belts are connected on mining machines, including loaders, mechanical excavators, graders, and even directly on drilling rigs. In special drilling and on drilling machines, multi-groove power transmission belts are sometimes used in very large dimensions, even up to a height of over 3 meters.

One of the most widely used belts in the mining industry is the conveyor belt. All kinds of minerals move between the extraction point and the processing point by using conveyor belts تسمه نوار نقاله after extraction. Polymer belts produced from polyurethane are often used in the production of conveyor belts used in mining industries. In order to be able to transfer products in powder form, some of these belts are used with teeth. Different widths of conveyor belts with different thicknesses are used according to the surface hardness and friction properties of minerals.

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