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تسمه صنعتی مگاداین Megadyne logoMegadyne belt brand is a European product with global consumption that started its activity in 1957. Megadyne belts started with the production of flat belts in the city of Mathi, Italy, in which natural fibers and leather are used in its production. Due to the expansion of technology and the mechanization of most industries, the need for different types of industrial belts has promoted the Megadyne brand to produce a variety of industrial belts, including V-belt power transmission belts, timing belts and propellers.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, with the emergence of polymer industries and the increase in industrial production of polyurethane belts, Megadyne expanded its production, especially power transmission belts تسمه برزنتی in the form of V-belts made of polyurethane. The production belts were supplied both as molded and closed loop and as open end belts.

In the 1990s, the Magadain industrial belt brand became practically the best-selling belt brand in Italy and became a well-known brand in Europe through joint cooperation with several other European brands. The move towards the globalization of Megadyne also took place in the same decade with the expansion of sales centers in Asia and America and production centers in Brazil and China. The wide industrial needs caused the production of machines on a wider scale, after which the need for various types of power transmission belts and timing belts تسمه تایمینگ became stronger and gradually led to the use of Megadyne belts as the pioneers of the belt industry.

TEL : 09124633354
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