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تسمه اپتی بلت Optibelt logoOptibelt industrial belt is an ideal choice in heavy industries where product quality and durability are considered. Whether in the connections of heavy mining and road construction machinery, in the automobile industry, agriculture, or even in the production of household equipment and machinery, Optibelt belts are used in different types. Although Optibelt belt brand is considered a family brand, the expansion of demand and supply at the global level has caused this brand to have more than 2500 employees with 8 production factories in more than 6 countries.

Optibelt brand slogan is to welcome innovation but not at the cost of losing quality. Optibelt belts are available in different types, including timing belts and power transmission belts تسمه پروانه, with quality on a global level, such that many reputable brands of industrial machinery manufacturers use Optibelt belts as the main part on their paid connections. they do. OptiBelt, which has 33 sales centers all over the world, most of which are centrally located in Europe, did not acquire quality by chance, but constantly interacts with academic environments in order to improve quality and durability. Many registered standards for industrial belts have been registered by the Optibelt brand.

TEL : 09124633354
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